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High-yield investments are a way to obtain a source of constant passive profit. Today there are a lot of directions that allow you to earn big money, but unfortunately, they are available mainly for professionals and holders of large capitals. As for private investors with small amounts of money, the sphere of high earnings is inaccessible for them, but we have decided to change this situation and provide an opportunity for all those who want to earn on the global markets. We are a modern investment company, which finances a diversified portfolio of investments. Our key instruments for earning money are the market for crypto currencies, oil and precious metals. It is these markets that allow for good diversification of funds and significant reduction of risks due to different profitability of instruments. Having distributed our finances, we have developed our own investment system, which in the long term will bring a stable profit. Our company is a successful business and, in general, could easily do without external cash injections. But since we aim to expand our business and increase the number of transactions, the management of the company has decided to attract additional investments through private investors, bypassing the credit services of banks and other financial institutions. For a number of reasons, it is more profitable for us to cooperate with private investment capitals, which is why we are actively working towards effective cooperation with investors. The secret of the company's success is that we combine the funds received from investors with the company's assets in a common pool and distribute this operating bank among the key investment areas. Our analytical department monitors the market situation around the clock and selects the best points to buy or sell assets. This ensures stable earnings not only for the company, but also for our investors. For cooperation with NAME, you only need to register on the official website of the company and invest the optimal for you amount of money under the terms of our investment offer. To earn money with a project you do not need to have any special knowledge or perform any actions - you only need to make a profit, while a tight-knit team of specialists is already working to increase your capital!

Our advantages

Anonymous investing
Automatic withdrawal
Very easy and quick start
Multi-currency deposits
Multilevel referral program
Protecting web platform

Our investment portfolio

Precious metals

The modern investment market offers investors a very wide range of options for investing in precious metals. Our company uses all available options for precious metals operations: precious metal purchase in bullion and coins, as well as investment in financial instruments backed by precious metals, ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) funds.


Due to high volatility in recent years, as well as in accordance with many other factors affecting the oil and refined petroleum products pricing policy, investments in this industry represent a high-income opportunity for the experienced investor’s team. Our company keeps its ear to the ground of events 24/7 and operates with its oil and gas investment portfolio as efficiently as possible.


The company has mastered a number of unique methods for assessing the development and cryptocurrencies trading prospects, in which, along with the highly qualified traders’ accumulated experience, self-learning trading systems are used. Together with our own software algorithm development, this can significantly increase the analysis efficiency and the company's income level.

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