Privacy Policy

Monarch Capital is an investment company, which operates through an online resource. In the process of cooperation with users, we intentionally or forced to collect some information about them, so we consider it necessary to notify our customers about this fact. Ensuring the confidentiality of the data transmitted to us is one of the main tasks, as we aim to maximize the preservation of payment and personal information about the participants. We emphasize that all received information is not personal and in no way identifies users, however, its use by third parties may be undesirable for the company's customers.
Gathering Monarch Capital customer information
  • 1. When you visit website, we become aware of the following information, which cannot identify you, but is personal information of a user: IP address, settings and browser type, location data, network and device identifier.
  • 2. The website uses cookie technology to help us understand your behavioral preferences.
  • 3. During the registration process you provide us with information about yourself, without which this procedure is impossible.
  • 4. In the process of investing, we become aware of your payment details.
How is personal information used?
  • 1. All received information is used only within the project and cooperation between the company and investors.
  • 2. We use the information to ensure effective cooperation with the participants, to identify them within the project boundaries, to make financial transactions and to inform participants about news, promotions and other events.
  • 3. To improve the efficiency and quality of our services, we use data obtained through cookie technology.
Disclosure of personal information
  • 1. The Company undertakes not to disclose personal information of its customers and shall implement all possible methods of investment resource protection for this purpose.
  • 2. In certain cases prescribed by law, information about the customer may be disclosed by transferring it to the authorized bodies.
  • 3. The data obtained through the use of cookies is used to ensure that our resource is distributed to search engines in a cost-effective manner.

We emphasize that no user data obtained by us in the course of cooperation can reveal your identity. Therefore, participants can be fully confident in maintaining confidentiality and protecting any information about the Company's customers from third parties. By registering on the Monarch Capital Project website, the user understands that some of his data may be collected, processed and used. Therefore, the creation of an account on our website automatically confirms the participant's consent to the above provisions. In case you are strongly against collecting information about you and its further processing, we strongly recommend you to leave the website, not to start your account on it and refrain from our investment offer.

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